SUN REAL Renewable Energy Systems

Platypus micro-hydro turbines

There is no doubt that hydro based systems offer a far greater power output for a given cost than solar only or solar/generator hybrid systems. Even a modest system can produce a continuous output that is beyond the capacities of other renewables. The only catch is that one must have a year round creek with good fall on the property.

DC turbines

The PM1000 series turbines (for battery based systems) require a minimum of 5 metres head and 1.5 litres per second and will produce about 30 watts continuously under these conditions. As little as 0.5 litres per second will produce useful power from the turbine if the head is 15 metres or more. Maximum output is 750 watts continuous.

AC Turbines

The Platypus AC turbines provide direct 240V output and range in size from 800 watt units up to 20kW. Given that AC cannot be stored, the power must be used as it is produced. These turbines can be very simply connected to the grid.

Further Information

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