SUN REAL Renewable Energy Systems

Residential roof-top System in Brunswick West

Installed on a residential house in West Brunswick this type of grid connected system shows what individuals can do to help create more renewable energy input into the main electricity supply.

The system consists of twenty-four 83 watt solar panels with a total area of 18 m2 mounted on a north facing roof. Total peak generating capacity is 2 kilowatts. The solar array feeds into a 2.2 kW grid interactive inverter to provide 240 V AC supply for the household's requirements, supplemented by the existing grid supply when required.

grid connect power system diagram

In the first 12 months of operation the system produced an average of 5.7 (Kwhr/day) which was in excess of the 4.2 kWhr/day consumed by the residents. Over a year the system will offset the production of nearly 3 tonnes of greenhouse gases which would otherwise be produced from a fossil fuel power station.

Domestic roof-top systems are becoming more common with at least on metropolitan power utility looking at installing 100 such systems in the next financial year.