SUN REAL Renewable Energy Systems

Spring Cleaning

Howdy! If I'm not mistaken I think I saw the sun shine the other day. Not before time mind you. The winter just gone must have been one of the worst for sunshine hours in quite a while. And all that rain, which might be just fine to those lucky people that have a micro-hydro system but not too good for those relying on solar. But the worst should be behind us now with a bit of sun warming our souls and charging our batteries.

Spring cleaning comes to mind. Now that it is possible to go outside, it would be a good idea to give everything a bit of a check up. Nuts & bolts can come loose over time so solar array frames and wind turbines should be looked at and battery connections checked for tightness. At the same time battery terminals can be inspected for corrosion and cleaned up if necessary. You might have been giving the generator a bit of work over the winter charging batteries so don't forget to give it a bit of attention and oil change. Preventative maintenance is always a good thing. Then it might be a good idea to check the specific gravities of your battery bank and give your batteries a good boost charge to get them ready to soak up all the solar energy that is going to come beaming down from the sky!