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MacOS Computers

These are mainly measured figures on some of the Macs we've owned, plus a few submitted by friends.

Macs are generally better on power than equivalent PCs. This is mainly due to the much lower power consumption of the processor itself. PowerPC processors use anywhere from 10 to 20% of their Pentium equivalents. Apple also seems to be more concerned with power consumption than many PC vendors. Flat panel iMacs have very low consumption because of their LCD screens.

Vendor Model CPU Notes Power Notes dSrc
Apple LC 68000 @ 16MHz CPU only 18w
Apple LC III 68030 @ 25/50MHz CPU only 20w
Apple LC 575 68030 @ 33/66MHz All in one - includes Trinitron monitor 58w Low power usage; great screen SR
Apple Power Mac 6100/66 DOS Compatible 601 @ 66MHz; 486 @ 66MHz Including 14'' monitor, modem 140w Apple Hi-Res RGB monitor, Global Village 33.6k modem SR
Apple Power Mac 7600/132 604 @ 132MHz CPU only 75w Normal SR
60w Sleep
4w Off
Apple Power Mac 9600/233 604e @233MHz Driving extra PCI hardware, 2 drives, CPU only 95w Normal AMW
85w Seep
4w Off
Apple iMac - Model 406 (Rev C) G3/750 @ 266MHz All in one - includes monitor 100w Normal AMW
24w Sleep
3w Off
Power Computing PowerCentre 120 604 @ 120MHz CPU only 65w Normal AMW
5w Off
Apple PowerMac G4 (MDD) 2 X G4 @ 1.25GHz CPU only. Extra hard drive & PCI card. OS X 10.2.6 140w Normal SR
13w Sleep
6-10w Off


Consumption figures for sleep mode vary significantly with the operating system version. The later versions of OS 9 were excellent, whilst early versions of OS X were poor. The current version of X - 10.3.x is probably at least as good as, if not better than, the old MacOS.