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BP Solar Buys Solarex

British Petroleum recently bought Amoco, an American petroleum company. It so happened that Amoco had a 50% stake in Solarex, the manufacturer of polycrystalline & amorphous solar modules. BP then decided to buy out the remaining 50% of Solarex.

This makes BP Solar one of the biggest producers of solar modules worldwide. Hmmmm...

BP Solar and Solarex are rationalising their production facilities in Sydney but the end user will still have 2 products to choose from - the BP Solar monocrystalline range of modules and the Solarex polycrystalline range. Distribution networks will remain the same so Sun Real will continue to sell the BP Solar product.

BP Solar is also starting a worldwide programme of installing grid connected solar arrays on their petrol stations. Several are planned for Australia.

BP is positioning itself as the 'green' oil company with what appears to be a strong commitment to renewables.