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Solar Energy Industries Australia, the body that looked after our industries interests has joined forces with several other renewable energy groups to form a more powerful lobbying and support group. The other organisations involved are ANZSES (Australia & New Zealand Solar Energy Society), SEICA (Sustainable Energy Industries Council of Australia), REIAA (Renewable Energy Industries Association of Australia), ACRE (Australian CRC for Renewable Energy & CASE (International Centre for Application of Solar Energy). The new group is known as SEIA(A) - Sustainable Energy Industry Association Australia. The new association creates a real opportunity to achieve industry cohesion & growth. The President of the new association, Gordon Thompson, listed 5 key issues which SEIA would be concentrating on.

  1. The implementation of the 2% renewable energy target that came out of Kyoto.
  2. Working with government on industry development strategies.
  3. Helping to develop a national sustainable energy policy.
  4. Focusing on energy efficiency and encouraging government to implement its policies.
  5. Establishing mechanisms to increase R&D expenditure on sustainable energy.

We hope that this new body will help promote public awareness as well take care of the needs of the renewable energy industry.