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Global Warming & the Kyoto Summit

Things are hotting up. And not just the weather although we have just had the first taste of what looks like a long hot summer. All this heat reminds us of the Greenhouse effect and our role in doing something about it. It also reminds us about the pathetic response from the federal government and the head-in-the-sand attitude it intends to take to Kyoto in the very near future.

We can all do something to help with the greenhouse gas problem. Firstly, of course, we can do what we can to reduce our own emissions - use less power, utilise renewable energy, eat less beans - and we can also lobby our various leaders to do something positive on a larger scale. Federal & state governments and local councils all need to be constantly reminded that it is their role to make the big decisions that will have long term outcomes on the state of our planet.

The half hearted response from the federal government in the lead up to the Kyoto summit has done little but replace programmes that were axed, or promoted "business as usual" practices as cutting edge new developments. Their servitude to the fossil fuel industry and blinkered view of the benefits that investment in renewable energy technologies provides is astounding and really quite embarrassing. To think that they are going to tell the rest of the world that what they say is what the people of Australia want!

We all need to get out there and get the message across that something has to be done, and soon.