SUN REAL Renewable Energy Systems

Sydney Olympics Athletes Village

The 'green' games in Sydney are going to incorporate a large renewable energy component to power the athletes village (472 homes) and an adjacent development of 193 homes. When completed the solar installation will be 33 times bigger than the next largest Australian installation and will be the largest residential solar installation in the world.

The units/town houses will include good solar efficient design which will reduce their energy requirements by 50% compared to conventional buildings. Each residence will be fitted with a 1kW photovoltaic array which will be grid connected so that there is no need for any batteries. It is estimated that over 1 million Kwhr/year will be produced by the solar arrays. In addition each residence will have a gas boosted solar hot water heater. There are many other features that will improve the environmental quality of the project. These include reducing or eliminating the use of PVC products, water management systems that are expected to reduce the demand in potable water by 50%, preserving environmental features of the site and decreasing the use of motor vehicles in the area by encouraging cycling, walking and public transport. This is good news for the Australian solar energy industry and is an excellent environmental example for the world.