SUN REAL Renewable Energy Systems

Back-Up power for the Grid Connected

Just because you are connected to the grid doesn't mean you can't make use of renewable energy technology. If you live in the country you will no doubt be familiar with power failures. Usually occurring during summer with the many electrical storms we tend to get, power failures can be anything from a nuisance to a disaster. Those of us that live on solar, wind or micro-hydro power don't tend to notice when the power goes out and it is a simple matter to provide back-up power systems for houses on the grid.

A back up power system can be used to supply power to sensitive electronic or computer equipment, keep a freezer going or just give some lights during a dark stormy night. Systems can be designed with a variety of different battery/charger/inverter combinations depending on the amount of power required and the length of time it is needed for. Sun Real can help you design a back-up power system to keep you plugged in at all times.